Ji Hyun Lee

English Literature PhD Candidate

Ji Hyun Lee examines the 20th century as a history of trauma, which guides her study of the literature and theory of this period. Her current project involves exploring the connection between literature and the death drive/trauma. She is especially interested in the notion of the archive and the repeating and concomitant erasing of history in modern apocalyptic narratives. This inquiry has led her to try to find a relationship between representations of historical traumas, such as Holocaust literature, and imagined traumas, like apocalyptic science fiction.

Her article "(An)archiving after the Apocalypse" in Strategies of Critique is available online as well: http://pi.library.yorku.ca/ojs/index.php/socj/article/view/30979.

She also has chapters in two forthcoming edited collections, Recovering What We’ve Lost: Memory in Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian Tales and The Timeless Toni Morrison. Ji Hyun has taught a number of First-Year Writing Seminars at Cornell: Short Stories, Apocalypse and the Nuclear Age, and Science Fiction and Feminism.